Newman, S. Google Certification. (Screenshot). Retrieved from Google Analytics. 24 April 2017. I’m certified! This test was definitely not easy, but I passed it and am officially certified for Google Analytics. Going through this test helped me learn A TON about a tool I was not familiar with at all. I am convinced now that…Read more Certified!


Travel Blog Talks SEO/SEM

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. These are both tools used for marketing websites. Increasing viewers is the main goal for any website or Internet business. Knowing which words will generate more viewers is helpful for websites. With millions of google searches, it can be difficult to really stand…Read more Travel Blog Talks SEO/SEM


I think video making and editing is really fun. Especially for a blog like mine! I used Final Cut Pro for this assignment. I think this is a great tool to be familiar with especially in the Public Relations world. Everything is becoming more digital and people like to see rather than read. Knowing how…Read more Video