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Newman, S. Google Certification. (Screenshot). Retrieved from Google Analytics. 24 April 2017.

I’m certified! This test was definitely not easy, but I passed it and am officially certified for Google Analytics. Going through this test helped me learn A TON about a tool I was not familiar with at all. I am convinced now that it is one of the most crucial tools for success in my future endeavors. I think it is important to branch out and try new tools and technologies in order to maintain consistency and success with branding.

I learned that there are 4 main benefits of Google Analytics. Marketing campaign optimization, website usability improvement, target audience identification, and budget allocation. These benefits are crucial to the success or decline of a company. It is important to know these things and it is fortunate that Google Analytics can now give me this information! One of the main reports that I think will be beneficial to my website is the “All Traffic” report. This shows websites that send traffic to my page.

I love to write about my own travels, but I also love to hear about other people’s adventures! So I want my website to be much more interactive. It is great for travelers to get inspired by other people’s ideas. It is also helpful to see another traveler’s “must-see” list or “cheapest places.” By becoming certified I learned that the Behavior Flow Report can show me a visual representation of user interaction on my site. This will be beneficial to know because I can then see how well I am doing in regards to engaging viewers.

To further analyze how interactive my viewers are being on my site, I will use the custom metric set up to collect how many comments users posted to a webpage on my site. Comments are crucial because they provide instant feedback and ideas. When I want to see how specific parts of my webpage are doing, I will look at the Content Drilldown report. Instead of going through myself page by page, I can just check this report from time to time to see what is successful and what isn’t.

All of these tools will be very beneficial to me while furthering my career. I have a solid brand revolving around something I am passionate about, travel. Writing about something you are so passionate about is fun! I hope to only increase exposure and attraction to my page. With my Google Analytics certification, I can be more informed and have more tools at my disposal to really produce a great brand.

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