Networking Part 1


In January of this year I went to the Detroit Auto Show before it was open to the public. I got to meet with top executives and PR professionals, as well as network with the crowd. This amazing opportunity came to me through PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) at Grand Valley. It was exciting to get to walk around the show and look at all the cars before it was crowded with people. We talked with many different people as we were walking around. We even started talking to a woman who was an alum of Grand Valley! She gave us a lot of great advice for working in the automotive industry as a Public Relations professional. We also managed to snag a business card.

Networking is important in all careers. However, it is especially important when you are trying to break into the Public Relations world. Communicating is a key factor when trying to get jobs, make connections, and obtain clients. During this networking event we were not afraid to approach strangers and strike up conversation. These meetings and conversations will hopefully help us have a leg up on getting a job after college. Connections are important!

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