Branding Myself

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 1.53.58 PM.pngNewman, S. (2/2/2017). Brand Yourself Screenshot (Screenshot)

Brand Yourself is a website that was created  to help individuals with making sure they are showing a positive image on social networks. With 7 billion people living in this world, it is not easy to stand out. Especially on our ever-growing, always-advancing Internet. Even if you do stand out in this world, it is not always in a positive light. Negative image is everywhere, perhaps even more prominent than positive. Brand Yourself helps weed out those negative stories that you would not want future employers to see. It also helps highlight the good.

I got a D- on the Brand Yourself test. Clearly, this is not a good score. I do not have a good social presence online. So I took the websites advice and updated my profiles. I do not have a LinkedIn profile, so I created one of those. I have my Instagram and Facebook profiles set to very private so I updated those with more public information. A lot of the sites that came up when I typed in my name were not me, and they were pretty negative. So I cleaned up the search results a little bit as well.


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